Self Love Tribe savings club - Emma Barnfield Photography

When I have asked women whats holding you back from experiencing your own boudoir session many women have said lack of confidence and cost, WELL! ...... since I help in the confidence department I thought I would try and help eliminate the other stress by providing a easy payment option.

if you have any questions or for more information please don't hesitate to contact me.


Choose your dream products because your splitting your payments this give you the luxury to choose the highest package(s) you will have more images that will last longer!


lets Determine a comfortable amount to pay on your terms either weekly, monthly etc. Together we can work out how much for you to put away for your session and products we will factor in things like when you would like your shoot what products and how big of payments you would like to make I allow up to 12 months of payments. 


YES! lets book your session! you are 1 final payment out from your final amount so lets do this! Everything is paid for so you can come for your session knowing everything is all paid for all you have to do is have fun!!

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