FAQ'S - Emma Barnfield Photography

Frequently asked questions. 

{ Q: } Will you post my photos online?

{ A: } Only if you give me permission, privacy is extremely important to me and if you want to keep them for your eyes only that's absolutely fine. If you do give me your permission I would LOVE ! to share to show other women that they can do this to and with a few words from you about your experience would be fab !  

{ Q:} I have cellulite / stretch marks and spots can you get rid of that?

{ A: } In most cases Yes, I will edit out spots, blemishes, skin flaws and under eye circles and small scars, etc. and as, for stretch marks most women have them and A LOT of women choose to keep them but most of the time my skin editing technique will buff out most average stretch marks. I don't swap heads onto other body's or take weight of you, if there is something you feel self - conscious about let me know at your consultation and I help with outfit ideas and I will use lighting and poses to emphasize your best features instead.

{ Q: } I'm older,  and don't look like model can I still book a photoshoot with you?

{ A } YES! absolutely any women can do this ! my promise to YOU is to give you an EMPOWERING EXPERINACE  beautiful images that show off your personality and flatter you. I really do believe every women is beautiful, and its my job to show you.   

{ Q: } Do people book this as a gift to themselves?

{ A: } YOU BET ! All the time, what a truly amazing empowering gift to give to yourself !

{Q:} Can I do my own Hair and Makeup?

{A:} Yes sure just let me know :-) you don't even have to wear makeup if your looking to have more raw darker imagery just fire me a message and we can chat further. 

{ Q:} Do I need to bring my own Lingerie and outfits?

{A} Yes you need to bring your own Lingerie and outfits with you, I have some items and accessories here for you to use if you wish, if you are interested in having a flower garland or flowers in your hair or something customized and unique please let me know when you message enquiring for a photoshoot, and we can discuss this at your consultation, but I will help you every step of the way and give you ideas on what to wear and bring to your session.  

{ Q } What about Hair and Makeup? Do I have to do it myself?

{ A } Professional hair and makeup is included in every Boudoir and Makeover portrait photoshoot.

{ Q: } When is the best time for a maternity shoot? 

{ A: } Every Women and every pregnancy is different so there is no set time. The best solution is when your belly overcomes the line of your breast, so that your bump is going to be visible and no later than your 37th week.

{Q:} I have nothing to wear.

{A:} you will be surprised what you already have in the back of your draws thats perfect for a shoot you don't need to bring a lot with you plus maybe this is a fab time to go and treat yourself to a new outfit just for yourfor your session. I also send out a guide with lots of info on to.

{ Q: } Do I need to go and get a tan before my shoot?

{A : } This is a personal decision, but please don't (repeat DO NOT ) get a spray tan, it comes off on the outfits etc, furniture and its difficult to deal with in when editing your photographs. Please be conscious of Tan lines to, go to a professional and let them know your having a photoshoot.

{ Q: } I'm feeling really nervous is this normal?

{A: } Yes absolutely! everyone turns up here feeling nervous and a little overwhelmed but the nerves don't last long, let me do what I do and you just embrace this awesome experience and have fun!  

{ Q: } Where will my photoshoot take place?

{ A: } Shoots take place in my comfy, cosy, private,  relaxed home studio. Its by appointment only, so its only you here, ( no one is sat in waiting area waiting for their turn )

{ Q: } Do you photograph Men?

{ A } Yes I photograph men.

{ Q } I can't find your price list on your website?

{ A } Please contact me for my full pricing guide.

{ Q } I'm ready to book, what do I need to do next?

{ A } YES!!!! LETS DO THIS!!! All you need to do is send me a Email - emmabarnfield.info@gmail.com For bookings and request a price list or if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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